Contact-Free delivery

How does Contact-Free Delivery work?

- When placing your order online, just fill in the 'delivery instructions' box at checkout with your chosen drop off location or give those details when placing your order over the phone. You can write any brief description you like here to help navigate your delivery driver, for example: 'end of driveway', 'by front door' or 'main entrance to block of flats'

- Our driver will call you when they arrive at your agreed location

- The driver will place your order where instructed

- The driver will then stand back 2 meters (or 2 large paces) and allow you to pick up your order without any physical contact

- Once you have collected your order, the driver will leave

- You will find your receipt placed on the top of your box

- All orders must be pre-paid using debit/credit card


Does Contact-free Delivery cost extra?

No. We believe our customers deserve to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when ordering food in these uncertain times.